DecisionWare EZ.V.1

The concept behind DecisionWare is one of reducing touch points in your business, while sharing information in real time. The software is designed to increase the efficiency of all aspects of the tasks required to run a modern printing, envelope, forms or packing company.

DecisionWare is a complete “end-to-end” solution providing management, staff and front line employees with the knowledge that will assist them with their day-to-day tasks, while compiling a powerful database of information that can be used to manage, monitor, execute and plan at every level.

DecisionWare EZ.V.1 is an entirely new release of Western Business Service’s long standing Print ERP/MIS software, building upon the incredible functionality of this successful application and lifting it to new heights.

DecisionWare is the right solution if you are looking to streamline your business and increase your profitability. Priced to be affordable EZ.V.1 should have a one year ROI for most companies, enabling bottom line profit growth within one year of implementation.

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DecisionWare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Business Services.

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